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Valeria Messalina - She was about 15 and beautiful, while he was over 50 and the future emperor of the Roman Empire. In 38 CE (dates vary) Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus --known to history as Claudius-- married his second cousin, Valeria Messalina. This was not a marriage made in heaven; some even claim she only married him to align herself with one of the most powerful families in the empire. Whatever her reason, history would remember him as the emperor who drooled and stammered and her as one of the most controlling, devious, and ambitious women in all of history.

Little is known about Messalina before she married Claudius. She was born around 20 -22 CE, the second child and first daughter of a fairly reputable Roman family. She was related to Emperor Augustus --actually his sister Octavia-- through both her father and mother. Her mother was Domitia Lepida Minor, the granddaughter of Mark Anthony, while her father (her mother’s first cousin) was Valerius Messalla Barbetos, a consul and trusted member of Emperor Caligula’s household.

Messalina’s future husband was someone who many believed would never amount to anything -- his own mother called him a monster. He had been married twice before he wedded Messalina, first to Plantia Urgulanilla (divorced because of supposed adultery) and then to Aelia Paetina (divorced to marry Messalina). His new bride would bear him two children: in 39 CE Claudia Octavia (she would eventually marry Claudius’s step-son and heir Nero) and in 41 CE Tiberius Claudius Germanicus better known as Britannicus, born just three weeks before Claudius was found quivering behind a curtain and named emperor. He received the name Britannicus after Claudius’s victory in Britain. His birth gave Messalina additional control over Claudius because it provided him with an heir. Unfortunately, Britannicus would be poisoned by his step-brother Nero in 65 CE.

Messalina’s control over the often gullible Claudius became evident shortly after the emperor ordered the return of his nieces from exile in Portia --the daughters of Caligula’s brother Germanicus-- Agrippina (who would become Claudius’ wife number four) and Julia Livilla. Both had been exiled by their brother Caligula after years of abuse. Upon their return to Rome, Claudius returned both their estates and money. Messalina became jealous, especially of the beautiful Julia who endeared herself to the emperor; some believe Messalina feared the two sisters and their husbands might lay claim to the throne, ousting both Claudius and his wife. Messalina brought charges, adultery among others, against Julia and convinced Claudius to exile her. Julia would eventually die in exile from starvation. Her husband, Marcus Vinicius, was also executed on a charge of adultery. Agrippina wisely stayed in the background. The use of trumped up charges like those against Julia was not limited to her; Messalina brought allegations --usually a suspected plot to overthrow Claudius-- against anyone who opposed her, and the timid Claudius could not or would not oppose her.

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