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PALMYRA, SYRIA — A new video from the bloodthirsty death cult ISIS allegedly shows 25 captured Syrian soldiers executed at the site of ancient Roman ruins in Syria.

The so-called Islamic state gained control of the Syrian town of Palmyra — home to ancient Roman ruins considered archaeological treasures by the United Nations — sometime around May 21.

While some predicted the fundamentalist group would destroy the ruins, ISIS leadership reportedly announced that as the ruins themselves were not "idols" or statues depicting human or animal forms, so the site was spared. Though, a famous statue of a lion and statues at the ruins featuring human faces were reportedly wrecked with sledgehammers.

In a video reportedly released on July 4, the ancient Roman ruins became the backdrop of a murder scene in which 25 ISIS followers who appeared to range in age between 12 and 20 are seen hurting 25 captured Syrian soldiers on to the amphitheater's stage.

After a long reading of the "justifications" for executing the soldiers, the video then shows all 25 soldiers killed by a gunshot to the back of the head. The execution was public and open to all males, including young children.

The new video comes hot on the heels of other sensational ISIS videos that seem to be competing for some sort of "most barbaric" execution competition. Other recent clips from the group have shown victims drowned to death, blown up with a bazooka, beheaded and shot.

For their part, ISIS released video and images showing alleged harsh prisons in Palmyra when it was under the control of the the Syrian regime. ISIS maintains it has liberated the people of the area from the Assad regime, though reports claim up to 400 men, women and children were butchered by the extremist group as they "liberated" Palmyra.


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