How To Have Energy Sex - Awaken The Sexual Energetic Body - Without Having Sexual Intercourse

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How to kiss a girl and do it right every single time.The Key to ESP (extended sexual pleasure) is awakening the energetic body of your partner... these are all the ways to have sex without putting point a inside of slot b. It's difference of looking at the ocean through glass, or surfing in the ocean. And sex is an ocean of life....

Hi this is Lawrence, from
Lawrence: Today with me is the beautiful, stunning, incredible Leah. Today we are here to tell you a little bit about the primary sexual energy system which is not point A inside of slide B. That is what most people think sex is. It is really the essence of communication, movement, foreplay and feeling connected with your partner. So the first thing I just wanted to show you is this is a primarily sexual system. I can start tuning into it outside of Leah’s body so I can start feeling her with my sensing. It’s not a magical thing. It’s the same sensing you use when you are trying to listen in the dark or when you are trying to feel something that you don’t exactly know. It is a very open listening. That listening I bring to my partner. I begin to feel her. Right here I can feel the tingling and a vibration. I will move my hand along the line and tune into my partner and her body. I can see the subtle movements in Leah’s body. I am tapping in my love, care and support and I am moving that energy up and down in her body. This is what I call an awakening of the energetic system of sexuality. You feel so good. It can’t be described in words. My body begins to react as Leah’s body opens.
You can open this and relax the body. She just adjusted her body to make more space and feel more starting to awaken the energy system. You build the energy inside the body and you can feel that automatically. You will learn to get in touch with primal pleasure. Primal pleasure is the ability to let our body move and let the pleasure flow. That primal pleasure is awakening in Leah’s body. I am not even physically touching Leah’s body but allowing the energy to move up and down in Leah’s body. You can see the vibrations that happen to stir up the energy from below. If she lets all the energy go into the genitals and her womb and flow up and flow through her mouth and into the brain. I can also feel that energy from her, I allow my body to awaken. I tap into my own pleasure, now I am feeling like to dance. I am just guiding you to give you a taste of how you can connect with your partner through energy first. You feel so energetic. If you can awaken that system, your body is more relaxed and open. The more relaxed the body is you can feel more pleasure. Practice this and try this out with your partner. Just awaken the pleasure in her body. Thanks for joining us.

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